Career Options for Commerce after 12th 2023

12th Grade! A major milestone crossed! Every student worries about their future, General questions that run in our mind are –

  1. Which career do I choose after Commerce 12th?
  2. Which career has scope for commerce students?
  3. What are the options available to make the right career choice?
  4. What are the job opportunities? And so on.

We all look for more and more options while choosing a career and that’s when confusion sets in, to iron out these confusions and questions, let’s address all the worries and help you make the right career choice!

Interests (comfort of individual) and personality traits (qualities of individual) of every individual are different and they contribute towards choosing of the course and add to achieving the desired career. Many a times, once individuals choose a specific career, they would want to switch to some other career, which is possible with courses, training, certifications, etc.
Additional courses & certifications always aid the career with growth. More the merrier!!!

Different fields in commerce stream:

  1. Chartered Accountant

This course is offered by ICAI (Institute of Charted Accountants of India). After 12th grade student can peruse CA which is a course of 5 years with a designated syllabus and certificate which is approved by a statutory body that the accounting professional can handle the accounting, taxation, filing returns and taking care of financial statements of business and individuals and maintaining records.
Career options – Tax auditing, Internal Auditor, Corporate finance, investing banking and private practice as a consultant to multiple firms.

  1. Company Secretary

This course is offered by ICSI (Institute of company secretaries of India). The company secretary is responsible to manage the administration of the company. Ensuring regulatory and statutory requirements and ensuring the pronouncements of board of directors of the company are implemented.
It is offered in 3 programs – Foundation, Executive and Professional Programme. Each of which is a minimum of 1 year.

Career options – Compliance officer, chief advisor to the board of directors of a company, Legal advisor, public and private sector jobs

  1. Financial Management

This course focuses on the deeper study of finances and financial management, budgeting, capital structuring, capital management are the work of study. Various certifications available are CFP(certified financial Planner), CFA (Chartered financial analyst), FRM (Financial Risk Manager) CPA (Certified public accountant)
Careers options – payroll associate, finance officer, financial advisor, financial analyst, investment analyst, accountant, financial auditor

  1. Investment banker. CFA certification is required after a bachelor’s degree. Investment banker deals with financial operations and market investments. MBA in finance also is a popular course.
    Career options – Investment Banker, sales and trading, Banker, financial markets
  2. Financial Analyst

Bachelors in business administration or Masters in finance with critical thinking skills helps make a career as a financial analyst.
Career options – Insurance companies, security firms, mutual fund companies

  1. Banking

It is a vast field that operates in loans, investments, wealth management, financial services, currency exchange & deposits. With a bachelors or a masters’ degree in finance, one can enter this field.
Career options – Auditor, Banker, Financial analyst, loan officer, investment banker, budget analyst & broker.

  1. Cost Accounting

It is a part of a managerial study of accounting focusing on the various cost data available in the company. It is a part of the course covered in bachelors and master degrees.
Career Options – Accountant, financial director, chief auditor, chief accountant

  1. Economics

It is a 3-year course that involves a study of concepts, cases studies and analytics of economics. Base and backbone every industry, company and field. Specialization in economics opens a lot of doors in various fields in India and overseas.
Career options – Strategist, economist, research analyst, risk management analyst.

  1. Statistics

Study of numerical data, solving cases studies, opens opportunity in the public and private sector. Using a various statistical tools like ANOVA, regression analysis, Chi-Squared and many more for research and analytical study, statisticians achieve results and expertise as statistical consultants.
Career options – Statistician, professor, business analyst, data analyst, risk analyst, mathematician

  1. Actuarial Science

Dealing with matters of uncertainty, professionals in this disciple are professionally trained to solve risks in insurance and other major risk involved in the industry and other professions. It requires a rigorous study of mathematics.
Career Options – Investment consultants, Life and health insurance, pension funds, government jobs as a finance consultant

  1. Business Management Businesses run on systems, processes, ideas and clients, and they need to be administered timely for the better follow of business into the market. This is when BBA graduates come in, be it establishments, independent entities, entrepreneurs or even government companies, all need BBAs’. This course of 3 years works on specialization.
    Course & Career based on specialization –

Banking and Insurance – Investment banker, Credit and risk manager, internal auditor, loan officer, recovery agent
Finance – Financial analyst, business analyst, Tax assistant
Human Resource Management – PR manager, HR executive, Recruitment manager, IT recruiter, Production manager
Information Technology – Graphic designer, Information architect, Information systems manager, hardware and networking expert
Communication and Media Management – News reporter, Radio jockey, TV anchor, Scriptwriter, Event planner, media planner
Marketing – Sales executive, marketing manager, Production manager, brand manager, market research analyst.
Hospitality and Hotel Management – catering manager, hotel co-ordinator, billing executive, guest relations manager, floor manager
Foreign Trade – Retail manager, Business development manager, supply chain manager, export manager, international business manager
Sports Management – Athletic director, facility manager, sports agent
Hospital and Health care management – Hospital administrator, Staff administrator, billing executive, Relationship manager, Front desk executive

  1. Foreign Trade

understanding the exchange of good, capital and services on international borders. Some colleges offer a specific course as BFT(bachelors of foreign trade), MBA with integrated coursed on foreign trade, BA in foreign trade courses can be done.
Career options – Relationship manager, Foreign trade manager, export manager, foreign trade analyst, and business development analysts.

  1. Commerce

Commerce field opens loads of career options., BBA, BMM, BCA, BMS, MBA, CA, CS, Full stack developer, Diploma such fields can be chosen with commerce background.
Career options – IT sector, Banks, company, private or public sector firms, civil services etc or MBA after which is without maths and with maths are higher education or master degree options that many choose after perusing a degree in order to complete the circuit of the conventional education system and at the same time do not want to get back to education post-employment(Human psychology). Depending on the gravity of the employment opportunity, one can decide on further studies.

  1. Civil Services

Civil services is another career option after degree which offers a wider range of study and job options as a government employee.
Other than there are many other career options available to choose.

Take a glimpse!

  1. BCA – Bachelor of
    Computer Application
    Technology marking its way right up and conquering the future, gives loads of opportunities for young minds to explore paths of coding, networking, managing platforms, developing applications, managing databases etc. This is a 3 years course. BCA is an independent course of three years. After which one can opt for a job or join MCA which is Master in computer application. Many change streams here and join management and go for an MBA master’s in business administration


  • Computer programmer
  • Lecturer
  • Software developer
  • Data scientist
  • Technical support executive
  • Computer system analyst
  1. LLB – Bachelor of
    Law –

LLB is a study of the constitution and laws. It can be pursued almost after any degree or master degree. It is an open educative segment. This is a 4 years course after LLB one can study for a masters LLM.


  • Lawyer
  • Lecturer
  • Civil services
  • Legal advisors
  1. Psychology

Psychology is a broad study of behaviour and mind, understanding the patters of thinking and action. It is a part of every field, knowingly or unknowingly, simply because it involves humans. Specialization in one of the below streams while doing BA, MA, MSc helps focuses job opportunity.

Human development

Clinical psychology
Industrial psychology
Social behaviours
Cognitive process
Counselling psychology
Child psychology
Educational psychology
Health psychology
Forensic psychology

Health care worker

Mental Health support
Social worker
Corporate counsellor

  1. Hotel Management

Hotel management stream is a hospitality industry. It works with hotels, clubs, resorts, tourism and more. Specialization in the following specific fields aids employment.

  1. Culinary management
  2. Food and Beverage management
  3. Housekeeping management
  4. Marketing & sales
  5. Operations Career Options
  6. Hotels
  7. Resorts
  8. Airlines
  9. Corporates
  10. Executive chef
  11. Clubs
  12. Entrepreneur
  13. Food chains
  14. Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism is a pleasure and business industry. It involves giving people memories to cherish. It caters to accommodating and attracting tourists to the place and helping them explore and understand the culture and cuisines of the place. It involves studying hotel / Resort Planning, Environmental study, Intercultural communication, Food management, Service management and much more.


  1. Travel specialist
  2. Travel interpreter
  3. Travel consultant
  4. Travel Blogger
  5. Airlines
  6. Immigration
  7. Travel agencies

A career being the most important part of livelihood, I wish all those perusing their respective Careers. Best of luck and hard work always shines bright! Happy choosing!

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