China Taiwan: Will there be a war between America and China? Why are two super powers face to face with Taiwan?

China Taiwan

China Taiwan tensions America: US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is arriving on a tour of Taiwan on Tuesday. China has objected to Pelosi’s visit. China has also threatened America. China says that if America is standing on the wrong path, then a strong answer will be given. Meanwhile, preparations have started in Taiwan to deal with the situation of war. There are underground car parking, shelters are being built in the subway station, so that people can be saved from possible air attacks by China.

China and America have once again come face to face with Taiwan. Despite China’s threat, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going on a tour of Taiwan. China has objected to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. China has instructed Pelosi not to go to Taiwan. China says that if America does this, then it will be given a strong answer.

Nancy Pelosi is on a tour of Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan. Till now nothing was clear about his Taiwan tour. But now the White House says it is Pelosi’s right to visit Taiwan. Pelosi will arrive in Taiwan on Tuesday night. This is happening after 25 years, when a US government official is going to Taiwan. Last week, Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke to US President Joe Biden over the phone. On this phone, Jinping told Biden that America should obey the ‘One-China Principle’. At the same time, he had said while threatening, ‘Those who play with fire, they themselves get burnt.’ Biden responded by saying that the US has not changed its policy on Taiwan and strongly opposes unilateral efforts to undermine peace and stability in Taiwan.

What will be the fear of war

China is protesting strongly against Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. China’s Foreign Ministry says that they are in constant talks with America. We have expressed our opposition to the visit of Nancy Pelosi. This is a very sensitive issue and can prove to be dangerous. The Chinese Foreign Ministry says that if America continues to stand on the wrong path, then we will take strong steps to maintain our sovereignty and security. He threatened that in response to this, China will do what a free country has the right to do. Earlier on Monday, while talking to the media, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, ‘We want to once again make it clear to America, that China is fully prepared to deal with any incident and the People’s Republic of China. The Liberation Army will not sit silent. We will take strong retaliatory measures to uphold our sovereignty and integrity.

Will China compete with America?

After these threats from China, the risk of war has also increased. However, experts believe that China is only giving jackals. Experts say that China will never enter a battle in which it cannot win. Experts say that instead of fighting a war with America, China can impose some sanctions on Pelosi. Can infiltrate Taiwan’s airspace. However, experts also believe that if there is a war between America and Taiwan in the future, then the reason for it will be Taiwan. This is the reason that China will neither fight with Taiwan now nor in the future, because it will be considered a direct competition with America.

What does Taiwan have to say on this?

Taiwan has not said anything clearly on the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. However, preparations have been made for Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Despite threats from China, Taiwan is also on alert due to Pelosi’s visit. Taiwan has put the army on alert here.

According to the news agency, Taiwan has started building shelters in view of China’s threats. For this, underground car parking, subway systems and underground shopping centers are being converted into shelter homes. People are also being trained. So that if the situation worsens and China conducts an air strike, then people can come and hide in the shelter. More than 4,600 such shelters have been built in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, where more than 12 million people can live. 18-year-old Harmony Wu told the news agency that we do not know when the war might start. In such a situation, shelter is very important to save lives.

But what about the rift between China and Taiwan?

There is a different relationship between China and Taiwan. China considers Taiwan its province, while Taiwan considers itself an independent country. The rift between the two started after the Second World War. At that time a war was going on in the mainland of China between the Communist Party of China and the Kuomintang.

In 1940, the Communists under the leadership of Mao Zedong defeated the Kuomintang Party. After the defeat, the people of Kuomintang came to Taiwan. In the same year, China was renamed ‘People’s Republic of China’ and Taiwan ‘Republic of China’. China considers Taiwan as its province and believes that one day Taiwan will become part of it. At the same time, Taiwan describes itself as an independent country. It has its own constitution and there is an elected government. Taiwan is an island about 100 miles off the southeast coast of China. Both China and Taiwan do not recognize each other. Currently, only 13 countries in the world consider Taiwan a separate sovereign and independent country.

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