The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Hair Fall Naturally: 10 Remedies You Need to Try

Hair Fall

As we know hairfall is the most common problem today, the sight of strands of hair on pillow covers, bathroom sinks, and house flours leave us petrified every day. The fear to go blad is overwhelming. But don’t worry!!! Now you can easily get rid from your hairfall easily at home.

First of all we should know the causes of this problem:

1) Genetics

If your elders have a hair fall patch history, it’s likely for you to experience the same .

2) pollution

The exposure consisted to thick blankets of air pollution emitted from cars ,trains,and other public transports causing treatable hair damage and hair fall .

3) Stress

Lack of proper sleep and excessive stress contributes to severe hair loss.

4) Diseases and medications

Certain diseases like cancer , thyroid, arthritis and heart problems can contribute to consistent hair loss .

5) Tight hairstyles

High ponytails and cornrow hairstyles undoubtedly make style statements but can cost you a ruthless hair loss.

Now let’s talk about its treatment……..

1) Coconut spa

The oils fatty acids strengthen your hair roots and promote hair growth.


Warm up 2-3 teaspoons of coconut oil then apply it in your scalp.
Leave it overnight/ for 20 minutes.
Wash it with a mild shampoo.

Frequency: twice per week.

2) Egg hair mask

It is rich in protein, sulphur,zinc and phosphorus eggs make a fantastic remedy to treat persistent hair fall.

Mix 1 egg with teaspoon of honey and olive oil.
Apply it in your scalp with the help of a brush.
Rinse after 25 minutes with mild shampoo.

Frequency: Once a week .

3) Methi hair mask
The high protein content provides natural nourishment to hair.

Soak two teaspoons of Fenugreek seeds overnight.
Grind them into a paste and apply it to your scalp.
Rinse off with mild shampoo after 1 hour .

Frequency: Once a week

4) Aloe vera hair mask
This cooling plant stops hair fall , smoothes the scalp and frees the hair follicles.

Squeeze some aloe vera gel and massage it on the scalp directly
Rinse off the hair mask after an hour

Frequency:2-3 times per week.

5) Onion juice
In recent times it has skyrocked it’s importance in hair fall industry.

Grind onions to get onion juice
Dab a cotton ball into it and apply it into your scalp
Wash your hair after 30 minutes.

Frequency: Once a week

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