System Analyst, Role & Qualifications

System Analyst

The success of a system project depends on careful planing and thoughtfull prepration. This is the job of a system analyst, since he or she is the one who plans and guides the design as well as a modification or new system.

Role and Need of System

  • Defining IT requirments of the organization
  • Setting priorities among requirment
  • Gathering data or facts
  • Analysing and evaluation – A good analysis rejects redundant data (duplicate data and focus on important data)
  • Problem Solving – A system analyst is a problem solvers because he/she analyze or solve problems.
  • Drawing Specification.
  • Designing System – System Analyst are also called architect because they design and implement new system.
  • Evaluation System

Attributes of a System Analyst

  1. Knowledge of the organization.
  2. Knowledge of computer system and software packages. An analyst must be able to advise on the hardware configuration needed to develop the required application
  3. Good Inter-personal Relation.
  4. Ability to communicate (System analyst are called communicator because they explain usefulness of computerize system.

An analytical mind

An analyst is required to find solution of problems and use a analytical tools as nessesory to recieve the solution.

Qualification of responsibility of System Analyst


  • Major in accounting, Management and Information System.
  • Warking knowledge of project management.
  • Experiences in hardware and software specification.
  • Ability to listen asses situation and draw conclusions.
  • technical and interpersonal skill.


  • To analys the existing system and it’s problem.
  • To determine but changes need to be made.

System Analyst as an Agent of Changes

System Analyst are called change agent because they initial and implement changes for betterment of organization.